Cinquant'anni di Alfasud - 9-10 Ottobre 2021


    Are you ready to celebrate Alfasud's 50th anniversary? It is the first Alfa Romeo car assembled in the Pomigliano d’Arco plant, in the province of Naples. Produced since 1972, the previous year it was previewed at the Turin Auto Show. Not only the best-selling Alfa ever, but also one of the most technologically advanced of the time. Here is the special event we have prepared for all of you fans!

    Important: in this historical period being able to make a program that is 100% certain is almost impossible, but we will try to respect it in its entirety. Although time is stringent, being able to make an exact plan is still complicated as many variables (some of which are very enticed) are still on the groung. Therefore it will be subject to changes, the members will receive them as soon as they are approved by the Council. Our commitment to this important birthday is nevertheless indomitable, but we therefore apologize in advance if our proverbial accuracy and precision has faltered due to the Covid pandemic.


    Saturday 9 October

    09:00 Gathering of the participants at Torino Esposizioni, the ancient exhibition complex of the city of Turin, where in November 1971 our beloved Alfasud was presented at the 53rd Salone. Located in Corso Massimo d'Azeglio 17, in the San Salvario district, on the edge of the historic Valentino Park.

    09:30 Beginning of the celebrations for the Fiftieth Alfasud:

    - Entrance to the Torino Esposizioni complex
    - Visit of the building set up specifically with Alfasud material still in possession by Italdesign(the mythical original maquette !!!)
    - Story of the Alfasud project supported by original material
    - Final conference and discussion on the car with who created it: the Guest Star of the day !!!

    13:00 Lunch at a Lunch at the Relais Bella Rosina, Viale Bella Rosina, 1, 10070 La Cassa (TO). In the enchantment of the nature of the La Mandria Regional Park, the ancient hunting reserve of the Savoy family a few steps from the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale and the historic FIAT test track

    16:00 Farewell and appointment on the following day

    Sunday 10 October

    09:00 Meeting at the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, Viale Alfa Romeo, 20020 Arese (MI) -

    10:00 Tour of the famous test track of the former Arese factory and photos

    11:00 Beginning of the guided tour of the museum "The Time Machine" also set up with Alfasud material (the legendary ESVAR and SVAR !!!)

    13:00 Lunch at the Alfa Romeo Cafè in the same location of the Museum

    15:00 General greetings

    Cost of the day on Saturday: 60 € per person

    Cost of the day on Sunday: 60 € per person

    Cost both days: € 110 per person

    N.B .: the prices are to be understood as including the aforementioned meals and entrances to the museums. For children under 12, prices to be defined. Only in the event of a new pandemic emergency and consequent closure by the institutions of the structures concerned, the deposits paid will be returned.


    - Send a request email to indicating the number of participants and the type of car.
    - Send proof of bank transfer of 50 € per car to IBAN IT55F0200832974001283007298 to confirm the booking.
    - You will then be contacted by the secretariat for the settlement procedures.

    N.B.: Registrations will not be considered without proof of the bank transfer attached

    Reserved EXCLUSIVELY to Alfa Romeo Alfasud and Sprint (only for club members will be allowed Alfa 33)

    Registrations close irrevocably on 13 September 2021 or upon reaching the numbers